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Helen Kerridge

Helen Kerridge is a Hawkes Bay based artist, whose paintings are explorations of contemporary issues entwined in many layers of both blatant and submerged narrative.

In the words of Roy Dunningham (Bay Buzz issue 10) “with Kerridge there is always another layer of meaning, hinting at issues beyond the objects shown.”

Alongside continuing to paint she teaches acrylics, life drawing and mixed media to adult students.

'Flight of the Tauhou'

Artist: Helen Kerridge

Description: [Acrylic pen and paint on canvas]

It is said that wherever you are in the world you are never more than a few metres away from a rat. Here the Tauhou flees from Rattus Rattus – the feral rat.

Connection to Roy: I had the extreme pleasure of knowing Roy for close to twenty years. He was a huge supporter of my art over this time and on many occasions wrote very favorable critiques about my art and selected me for numerous shows.

We have also had great discussions and many laughs at meanings hidden within my art that very few others seem to have seen as easily as Roy. His depth of knowledge and insight was always a delight. Roy also generously demonstrated his support for my work by buying my art.

Aside from his personal encouragement of my paintings he also graced the teaching side of my life by being the guest speaker for the first three annual exhibitions that my students held. He was so tremendous that I had to keep asking if he would come back but after three years, with a cheeky grin, he said he was now going to refuse to do the job and would become a guest only from then on.

I feel privileged to have known him, and words he wrote I will always keep dear to my heart: “Her success as a teacher should not, however, overshadow her achievements as one of the better painters in our region, certainly one of my favourites.”

Size / dimentions: 600mm x 500mm

Media Type: Drawing, Painting

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