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Diane Morris

This has been my bubble of joy during lockdown. Joy can be in short supply in our present time. It is what you make of it, within your bubble.

In my case, my garden is my place of joy and refuge. Be safe out there, in your bubble.

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Phone:022 197 8675 (Text Only Please)


'Modern Vampire'

Artist: Diane Morris

Description: [A2 Framed Digital Art Print]

Diane Morris is a designer/ illustrator / teacher.

Connection to Roy: I attended Havelock North High School from 1976-1980 and I was privileged to have Roy Dunningham as my art teacher through to 7th form. I fondly remember my final year trip to Wellington in his exotic Citroën.

He took us to see works from the Thyssen Bornemisza Exhibition, which included all the big names in art, and was an eye-opening experience for a girl from the provinces. We had lunch at The Taj, and he drove us around Wellington introducing us to architectural gems.

Roy gave me an excellent grounding in art and was always endlessly encouraging. He fondly recalled stories of his time at Art School and inspired me to complete a degree at Canterbury University’s School of Fine Arts (Ilam), when engineering studies didn’t work out.

He instilled a lifelong passion for learning in the Visual Arts. We kept in touch over the years: he opened an exhibition for me; was always interested in what I was doing; inspired and supported me to become an art teacher and was always up for a conversation about the arts.

I treasure my last conversation with him, several weeks before he passed away. He was my favourite teacher and a wonderful human.

Size / dimentions: 420mm x 594mm

Media Type: Design, Print

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