May 7, 2023

Art Hawke's Bay Winners!

The annual Art Hawke's Bay exhibition is in full swing here at the Hastings Community Arts Centre, with every wall absolutely well and truly adorned!

A beautifully populated Opening kick-started the exhibition last Monday evening, and the Category Winners were announced.  This year the Selectors also issued 'Highly Commended' certificates - for a print-out of the 2023 Winners click here

Otherwise all the details are here below! 

Land Category

Winner:  'Mitre Peak' by Aileen Duckett

Highly Commended:  'The Tuki Tuki' by Brian Sellers

Water Category

Winner:  'Autumn Reflection' by Joan Hay

People Category

Winner:  'Mysterious Woman' by Cheryl Simpson

Highly Commended: 'Roots and Wings' by Svetlana Drinnan,

& '12 Fishermen and a Fisherwoman' by Don Boyd

Abstract Category

Winner:  'Birds Eye View' by Brian Sellers

Highly Commended:  'Family of Trees' by Colleen Simpson,

& 3 works by Gillian Marshall

Art Unlimited Category

Winner:  'Neve' by Judith Aiken

Schools Category

Winner:  'Through the Sunflowers' by Grace Gardiner

Highly Commended:  'Bejewelled' by Arshpreet Dahella

Sculpture Category

Winner:  'Rufus' by Stephanie Drew

Highly Commended:  'Resting' by Ros Stewart,

& 'The Too Hard Basket' by Jan Speeden

Best in Exhibition

Winner:  'Freedom' by Megan Wuisan

from Woodford House 

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